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A little about me

Bob lewis

My name is Bob. Well, then again maybe not since most things in the area of black hat SEO are fake, why not my name?

I have been doing SEO for 10 years and have pretty much seen it all. I have been using black hat tactics forever and getting them to work. Here in 2018, it is getting much harder to play the system and win. The search engines have evolved to a point you really need to work and be tricky to beat it. Honestly, it just may not be work the effort to cover your footprints to use black hat tactics in the future. But for now they work and they work well. But as well as they work they can also bring you down fast too.

I get so tired of seeing article after article about how black hat tactics will get you banned. Will they get you banned? If not done correctly, absolutely. I just want to clear the air on what black hat SEO really is.