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Bob Lewis

Bob lewis

Hi my name is Bob Lewis. I have been working in the SEO industry for the past 12 years. I started when I was 15 years old and created my first online business. I had a very hard time getting traffic to my website and was very frustrated about not getting my business up and running like it should have. After much research I started to find information on SEO and how I could set up my site structure and interlinking to help my site rank as well as building external links to help get me ranked. Of course, this was back in 2006 and links of any kind worked and there were plenty of ways to beat the system and get you ranked. Over the years there have been many changes to search engine optimization. Google made major improvements to its algorithms and you can no longer cheat the system like you could years ago. Doing any of these tactics today will get you penalized or even de-indexed. So, in 2015 I meet with a bunch of fellow SEO experts and decided that we needed to work together to help people learn about SEO and keep them updated on the ever changing world of SEO. Within a few months we started OK SEO and started to teach others how to rank their website safely and free of the chances of getting penalized.