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Black Hat SEO

When I decided to start a website about black hat SEO I figured “Why not just build on an expired domain?”, So that is what we have here. This domain was once a business that was for

How Do I Use Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEOIf you are here looking at SEO then I am sure you have seen the Fiverr listings offering x amount of links and top rankings for super cheap. It is easy to take these shortcuts and cheat the system to get to the top. That is what these offers are cheap and easy promises of fast results. This rarely, if ever, works to get your website ranked. It will usually put you on the fast track to getting penalized. Not all Fiverr backlink offers are bad or will get you penalized, but most are not good. This doesn’t mean that bought links don’t work, because they do and they do so extremely well. The key to using black hat SEO is to make everything look natural and not look like you had any part of it. When you are doing white hat SEO tactics, you look for the best links possible. Typically you will only do outreach for those links. Partly due to the work and effort you will need to put into writing a great article that someone else will be willing to publish. But these are the links that help you the most because they are natural. Placing a link in a comment with 3,000 other comments is spammy and will hurt you more than help you. While using black hat PBN backlinks, Web 2.0’s and social signal will help your website ranked at the risk of getting penalized. Especially if you do not take the necessary precautions. I will explain how to use these black hat tactics in a way that will give the least amount of risk. Just keep in mind, the risk of penalty will always be there and you should never rank a domain that you want to keep using only black hat tactics.


Black Hat SEO Is Not Illegal

Many think that black hat SEO is illegal. There is nothing illegal about using these tactics, no one is going to knock your door in and raid your house because you bought some Fiverr links. Although, it does violate search engines Webmaster Guidelines and they have the right to exclude you from their search results, essentially banishing you from being found.  I will list what could happen from the least extreme to the most extreme:

  1. Website ranks well and you make a ton of money
  2. You buy crap links and other black hat tools and it doesn’t help nor hurt you
  3. Website ranks well for a while and then takes a major drop in the SERP (Search Engine Rank Page)- Penalty
  4. You get deindexed and are no longer in the SERP- Deindexed

If either #3 or #4 happen you likely got a penalty. If you get a penalty then the only thing you can do is check the site in google search console and take the steps needed to get rid of the penalty.  This is not what you want to see in your search console!

Manual action from Black hat tactics




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