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How Do I get Started in SEO?

SEO can be very expensive to hire out for and very time consuming to perform. If you think that you will find some Fiver deals that will build you a ton of backlinks and boost your rankings. You will be on the fast track to getting penalized. If you have the time to invest into learning SEO then the average webmaster can perform it with tools and resources obtainable online. But will need to make the commitment to spend 100’s or even 1,000’s of hours reading and watching/listening videos and podcasts. The alternative is to Hire someone to perform your SEO. This is not a cheap or fast solution. but for most business owners it is the best option. A business owners time is often best spent on running their business, they are the experts in their business. But, everyone that is looking to hire out for SEO should have a basic understanding of SEO processes and principles.


What You Need to Know When Hiring an SEO Firm

You should have a high level understanding of what SEO does to boost your rankings, how social media impacts your SEO, and what tactics are black hat and white hat. You will want to know about black hat tactics and what the outcome will be if you use them. I recommend that you avoid black hat tactics but that is for you to decide and weigh the risks. Having a good understanding of SEO  principles and processes will help you:

  • Find an expert that will not sell you services you don’t need
  • Avoid Black Hat tactics
  • Not be over sold on social media campaigns
  • Understand where you money is being spent
  • Know what to expect from your SEO efforts

Attend One of our Clinics

By attending one of out clinics you will learn more about getting into the world of SEO. This is a very informative and hands on clinic with multiple experts in the field of search engine optimization. We will cover Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and a few other search engines and their differences when it comes to optimization.


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