Ront 3.jpg (294017 bytes)

Slip 10.jpg (374608 bytes)
Slip can be used to give more protection to finish

Ront closed.jpg (101353 bytes)
Closed flap, showing D & strap fastening

Ront open.jpg (108846 bytes)
Open flap, showing D & strap fastening

Ront 4.jpg (596039 bytes)
Shoulder pad, with foam rubber lining

Ront straps.jpg (698478 bytes)

Straps to attach to saddle, with hand sewn keepers.

Ront steel.jpg (95589 bytes)
A steel plat is inserted between scabbard and cover,
to protect scope and action.

Rifle Carrying case, made for a big loop 45/70 Marlin Trapper

I made this case with a steel lining over the action of
the rifle to give the most protection possible.
This scabbard has a flap over the end of the stock, with a
leather strap running through a brass dee,
making for
fast access, to rifle, as well as being a very secure fastening, that is easy to open, with gloved hands.
I also made a cloth sock to further protect the finish on the rifle, you can use the scabbard with or without
the sock, depending on your preference at the time.