Western Saddle Repair

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After restoration

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Keeping your tack in good repair will greatly improve your safety
as well as enhance your enjoyment and the performance of your horse.

Below are some of the more common repairs,
along with estimated prices.

Conditioning Saddle and turning Stirrups From $125.00
Replacing Stirrup Leather , 3 inches wide = long From $195.00
Replacing Stirrup Leathers , 3 inches wide =   short From $135.00
Replacing Stirrup Leathers , 2 1/2 inches wide =   long From $175.00
Install Blevins buckles, on old stirrup leathers From $   29.00
Re-lining Skirts , Sheepskin From $375.00
Re-lining Skirts , Felt From $325.00
Re-placing and adjusting Rigging From $495.00
Installing Double Rigging , ( cost of Flank straps extra ) From $185.00
Moving Stirrup Leathers forward From $275.00
Replacing Horn covers , leather From $175.00
Replacing Horn covers , ( Leather W/ Rawhide Binding ) From $225.00
Replacing Horn covers , ( Rawhide Braided ) From $295.00
Installing Breast Plate Dee's From $  55.00
Installing Crupper Dee's From $  35.00
Replacing Strings , (Long ) From $  28.00
Replacing Strings , ( Short ) From $  22.00
Replacing broken tree's with ( Rawhide Covered Tree's ) From $1275.00
Replacing broken tree's with ( Ralide Tree's ) From $795.00
Replacing Padded Seats From $550.00
Replacing Cantle Binding , ( In leather or Rawhide ) From $125.00

Prices on other repairs on request.


When sending your saddle for repair.
Wrap the saddle with bubble wrap and box it securely than,
send it by UPS or FedEx Be sure to insure it with the carrier.

Enclose With Parcel
Your name, Your phone number, Snail mail address, E-mail address
and explanation of work required

Send to,

7979 Baker Hogg Rd.
Vernon B.C.Canada
V1B 3S2

Call Toll Free 1-877-723-3534

Prices are given before any work is done.
In the event that you do not want the work done, you pay only the return postage.

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7979 Baker Hogg Rd.
Vernon B.C.Canada 
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