Holsters & Gun Belts
Have holster & belt custom made to your specifications, just
with a description of what you would like and I will build it for you.

carved holster.jpg (42550 bytes) Carved Gun Belt

I used 7 oz carving leather, with a 3 oz lining
for this style of gun belt, the holster is steel lined,
making for a very fast draw. The dark background
accentuates the floral carving, making for a
outstanding example of fine craftsmanship,
you can be proud to own.

basket holster.jpg (31866 bytes) Gun Belt

Made like the one above, but riding higher on
the hip. With full basket weave stamping, and
metal lining in holster.
Good for fast draw competition shooting.

Double gun belt

Made for two 45 Colt Single-Action's ,
with 5 1/2 barrel's double and stitched.

Braided GB.jpg (990318 bytes)


Double gun belt

Made for two 45 Ruger Vaqueros, with
7.5 barrel's. The edges of the belt &
holsters feature  8 strand braided rawhide

A very distinctive gun belt.

Balearo.jpg (231442 bytes)


Made to fit 45  90 cartridges with a matching
holster for a 45 Ruger Vaquero.



Bandolier can be made to fit your choice
of  cartridges.

Bandolier made to fit 45/70 cartridges.

holstersforcap44.jpg (345340 bytes)
                  Click on image to enlarge

Slim Jim Holsters


I made this belt to fit a matching pair
of 44 caliber Cap and Ball Pistols
made before serial numbers were used

old time gun belt.jpg (36063 bytes) John Wayne Style Holsters

Made for 45  Colt Single-Action,
with 5 1/2 inch barrel.

With matching Leather Cuffs

3 holsters.jpg (39817 bytes) Cowboy Action Shooting
Made for 45 Colt Single-Action ,
with 5 1/2 barrel and two
32 cal hide-a-ways
Double gun belt

Made for two 45 Colt Single-Action's ,
with 5 1/2 barrel's double and stitched.

Can be made with metal lining.

Molded Holster

Made for small automatic
with clip pocket.

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holster, can be made to fit your
choice of  handgun.


S Holster.jpg (729204 bytes)

Shoulder Holster

Made to fit 45 Army Outlaw

shoulder holster.jpg (78793 bytes) Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holster made for
heavy caliber handgun
with a scope.

Note the laced edge

Gun pouch


Gun pouch made with a full
sheepskin lining & zipper

I make these pouches to fit all types of
handguns, just tell me the make, model
& barrel length of your handgun.

defender3.jpg (344589 bytes)

               Click on image to enlarge

Shoulder Holster
for Defender Shotgun

I use 8 oz bridle leather for this shoulder
holster, for a Defender Shotgun. The top
of holster is closed , and the butt of the
shotgun rests in a pocket, just above your
right hand. Vary fast to draw, and easy to
carry, even with a back-pack.

Nothing better for prospectors
or Back-Packers.

I make custom holsters for all types of handguns.
Bring or send me a pattern of your handgun, and
I will make you a holster to surpass your highest

E-mail for pricing.

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