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Scabbard can be used with or without the boot

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Soft sock, that will further protect your rifle, if used with a scabbard.

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Shoulder pads, with foam rubber under a soft leather lining.

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Stiffener on boot.

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5 = 45/70 cartage's, in pouch, over steel lining.

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Plug in the end of the boot, to form to the shape of rifle stock

Back-packer Scabbard, Made for a big loop 45/70 Marlin Trapper

I made this scabbard with a steel lining over the action of
the rifle to give the most protection possible.
This scabbard has a removable boot, with a
leather strap running through a brass dee, making for fast removal
as well as being a very secure fastening, that is easy to open with gloved hands.
I also made a cloth sock to further protect the finish on the rifle, you can use the scabbard with or without
the sock, depending on your preference at the time

Tell me the make & model of your rifle & I will custom make a scabbard to fit it.