Additional Pieces

Let me make you something to your specifications, just E-mail  me with a description of what you would like and I will make it for you.
barnetttapflor.jpg (423342 bytes)
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Carved Tapaderos   # 1



Cut from one piece of skirting leather
and molded to shape, with a fancy
Rawhide Appliqué  Braid running down
the front. It is this Rawhide braiding that
forms the front of the tap's giving them
the fit and balance that sets them apart
from all the other Tapaderos you have
seen. They will hang in perfect  balance
and give years of service, greatly improving
comfort and safety when riding in heavy
brush or wet cold weather.

The three photos at the left are all
taken of the same pair of taps

The first photo showing the full floral
carving done to match a saddle.

The second photo shows the back
side of the taps and shows
the basket stamping that
covers the side against
the horse.

The third photo shows the Rawhide
Appliqué braiding that forms the front
of the Tapaderos.

Detail of
Appliqué braiding

barnetttapbasket.jpg (370122 bytes)
barnetttapfront.jpg (336080 bytes)
taps.jpg (284808 bytes)

# 2

basket stamped with floral
inset in corner

tapsstamped.jpg (66598 bytes)

# 3  



A block style of stamping is used
to embellish this pair of tapaderos


Burgandy taps..jpg (69549 bytes)  

Plain Style Tapaderos    # 4


A great accessory to any saddle

Floral Carved Tapaderos   # 5


bultaps.jpg (64118 bytes)

Bull-dog Style Tapaderos   # 6

Cut from one piece of leather and molded to
shape , with fancy Rawhide Appliqué Braiding
running from the front to under the stirrups.
They will give years of service, greatly
improving comfort and safety when riding in
heavy brush or wet weather.

Cody Tap.jpg (1180390 bytes)

Corner stamped Tapaderos   # 7

Steven 16.jpg (724385 bytes)

Basket Stamped Tapaderos   # 8

Below are some examples of Bridles

The bridles below are made in 8 to 9oz bridle leather and can be
made with Silver, Brass or Nickel hardware .

conchobrid.jpg (53296 bytes)         Old Timer.jpg (42811 bytes)         silverbrid.jpg (53408 bytes) 

    headstall4.jpg (191627 bytes)    Steven 19.jpg (889712 bytes)

Opal headstall.jpg (87009 bytes)

Presentation Bridle

This bridle is made using 6 oz bridle leather,
doubled and stitched
. It is fully basket stamped.
The diamonds are sterling silver, inlayed with

                   A very one of a kind bridle.

Breast plate   # 9

I use skirting leather for these breast
plates and line them with latigo leather 
A wide strap runs down to the chinch to
keep the saddle centered. No dee is used
in the center so the breast plate doe’s not
chafe the horse


bpcarved.jpg (334569 bytes)

# 10

Breast plate with floral carving,

Martingale    # 11

Have a martingale made for your
favorite saddle.

Steven 7.jpg (480421 bytes)

Martingale     # 12

Flax filled Crupper with strap 
# 13

Braided Dog Leash # 14
Braided in four strand round 3/8
of an inch thick by 6 feet long. I
used ten-bight knots in the
herringbone pattern with a
colored interweave for this

Braided Bracelet

Black eight strand braided
Bracelet with a tan interweave
in the knots



Leather Covered Canteen
# 16

The shoulder strap is made in
the form of a Rawhide Reata.
It is made adjustable by means
of a sliding Rawhide knot.

The cap is made in in the form
of a Rawhide knot.

Close of cap

wESTERN_BRIEF.gif (45664 bytes)

Western Style Briefcase
# 17

A western Briefcase made like a set of
saddle bags, to carry over your shoulder.
Made in premium bridle leather, with a
full welted edge, and  hand stitched straps.
Made to carry a Laptop Computer on one
side and folders on other
. I build the
Briefcases with the  measurements you
supply, so they are made to fit your
requirements. You can have your company
name carved on the flap



Helmet bag.jpg (67152 bytes)

Custom Built
Pilots Bag


This bag made in 5 oz soft chap leather
was made to carry the Helmet,
Microphone and Flight papers for a
Helicopter Pilot

Archery Arm Guard
# 18


Arm guard made in 8oz bridle leather,
using brass dome buttons to secure it
to your arm.

Quiver         # 19


I used 8oz bridle leather for this arrow
quiver. The quiver is made to be hung
from your belt, giving easy access to
your arrows


Have a quiver made to suite
your archery needs.

Fly Rod Case top & side view.

Fly Rod Case     # 20

I build Leather covered Fly Rod
cases  tailored to suit each
discriminating anglers specific


Leather covered case.
# 21


Tool box covered with 4 oz bridle leather
with a brass trim.
Case measures 12 by 5.75 by 3 inches

Instrument Case    #22

Made in 4 oz bridle leather with brass
Case measures 24.5 by 18 by 7 inches


Have us make you a case.
Just send us your measurements.

Braided Steering Wheel Cover
# 23


A covered steering wheel like this will
be a great accessory to any sports car

Arm guard.jpg (25870 bytes)

Dog Training Arm Guard
# 24

This is a Arm Protector for use
during the  training of dogs to
be used in security work.

Made of heavy Felt and 5oz leather

Scope case.jpg (39835 bytes)

Scope Case   # 26

Case made in 8oz bridle leather
to hold a Spotting Scope and

Thermos case   # 27

Leather thermos case of 8 oz leather
hand stitched with flat side seem and
buckle closure.


Knife sheath   # 28

Have a knife sheath made for
your favorite knife.

Bag 3.jpg (1038450 bytes)

Club bag  # 29

Made in 6oz bridle leather with a
soft glove leather lining. 22 inches
long by 12 inches wide & 15 inches
high. One inside pocket, one outside

cutbrifcase1.jpg (118460 bytes)


Briefcase  # 30

Made  with 3 inside  compartments in 6oz
bridle leather with hand stitched straps.
18 inches long 15 inches deep  and
9 inches  wide.

Can be made in your measurements,
with your company name carved on the flap.

Reg briefcase.jpg (61961 bytes)

Briefcase   # 31

Made  with full basket weave pattern in 6oz
bridle leather with  hand stitched straps.19
inches wide 12 inches deep with a 3 inch
gusset. Can be made in your measurements,
with your company name carved on the flap.

Suitcase.jpg (66266 bytes)

Suitcase Set   # 32



One piece of a five piece set made in bridle
leather.  A Rose pattern is carved on the
side of each case along with the name.
The inside is lined with a soft calf leather.
A mirror is inset in the lid of the make-op
case along with compartment for your
makeup. All stitching is done by hand to
for superior durability and finish. 

Note book holder   # 33

You can have this case on your belt
to hold small instruments or books

You pull the dee to slide the item in
the case out, making it very accusable.


Big photo alb.jpg (58840 bytes)

Family Album   # 34

Album made in bridle leather with a calf
lining. Dogwood flowers are carved around
a raised Norwegian Family shield. The album measures 18 inches by 24 inches by 3 inches deep.


Have us make you a
Family Album

4 photo alb.jpg (95492 bytes)

Photograph Albums




Albums made in bridle leather, made to
slip over any book. Just give the
measurements of book you want covered
and we will make you a cover to be handed
down to your heirs.

Red bag.jpg (57107 bytes)

Case    # 35


Leather case for carrying books,10 inches
wide by 12 inches deep by 4 inches thick .
Order a case made in your measurements
for anything you may want to carry.

3 strap bags.jpg (49451 bytes)


Made in 8 oz Black leather, with a metal
frame inside. 18 inches long, 12 inches deep,
with a 8 inch gusset. Three  I 1/4 inch buckles
close the top.

Harley Davidson    # 37

We also recover motorcycle seats

M Seat.jpg (708108 bytes)

Detail of Applique braiding

Seat braid.jpg (77947 bytes)

Motorcycle seat # 38

Seat is covered in 4 oz saddle leather, with a full
basket weave pattern, with customers initials in
the center.

Appliqué braiding forms a 1 inch wide
around the stamping

                 Have us make you a custom seat,
                   just tell me what you would like
                       and I will make it for you

Tool Pouch    # 39


Pouch made to fit between handle bars

Watch strap   # 40

Watch strap made in brown Kangaroo
leather with black lacing.

High Riggers Belts    # 41
High Riggers belts made of heavy
harness leather. Used in the logging
industry, by High Riggers to climb
and set up the Spar Trees used in High
Lead logging

~   Orthopedic Belt   ~




I make belts & straps for many types of
uses including orthopedic applications.  

Carpenters Apron


Carpenters apron with suspenders, pier
pouch and chalk line holder





Close up of carpenters apron showing
the width of the bottom of the pockets

Walet.jpg (39093 bytes)

Wallet    # 42

Wallet made in bridle leather with lacing
around edge. and a morocco leather lining

Bick litter case.jpg (29591 bytes)

Bic Lighter Cover

12 strand braided cover for Bic lighter.

Sporran.jpg (158447 bytes)

Sporran    # 43

Sporran with leather tassels
and braiding on flap


Sporran 2 H H.jpg (54275 bytes)

Sporran    # 44



Sporran with horse hair tassels

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